Facebook Releases ‘Donate Now’ Button

Good news for all nonprofits on Facebook. The social media company announced yesterday on its site that a “Donate Now” button will be added to both nonprofit pages and ads.

The “Donate Now” call-to-action button can now be added pages or when creating ads if the nonprofit company chooses to do so. For businesses, call-to-action buttons in ads allow users to do things like sign up for a service, play a game, download an app or purchase an item.

Upon clicking on the button, users are taken to the organization’s site to complete the donation after being notified that the nonprofit is not affiliated or endorsed by Facebook.

The Donate Now button is not new however. According to Tech Crunch, “Facebook rolled out a “Donate” button in late 2013 with specific partners like the American Cancer Society and The Red Cross. For nonprofit partners, the button was seamlessly integrated into pages and the donation took place internally with credit card info that could be stored on the site.”

Again this is great news for nonprofits on Facebook. Not only is the site making it easier for Facebook users to donate, by clicking the button, users are linked to the nonprofit’s page thus increasing page traffic as well.

– See more at: http://www.socialbydefinition.com/content/facebook-releases-donate-now-button#sthash.icaO5nRZ.dpuf

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