20 Stunning Social Media Statistics Plus Infographic

Do you wonder why your productivity has dropped over the past 2 – 3 years?

20 Stunning Social Media Facts and Figures

There is a time sink and it’s not television!

Those of us who are connected to the internet and that is 2 billion of us, have been distracted by social multi-media publishing machines that are pumping out staggering amounts of content with enticing high definition images and videos!

You cannot escape their allure as they tempt you to log in when you are out and about with either with your laptop, iPad or smart phone.

These enticing, tempting distractions are robbing us of time that should be spent doing productive work like washing your car, cleaning the house or doing your tax… and I know how much you all enjoy those activities!

20 Social Media Statistics

These figures reveal the huge black hole that our time disappears into when we visit Facebook, Twitter or YouTube or other social media sites.

  1. One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook ( This number is calculated by dividing the planets 6.94 billion people by Facebook’s 750 million users)
  2. People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
  3. Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site
  4. More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices
  5. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook
  6. 30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each month
  7. 300,000 users helped translate Facebook into 70 languages
  8. People on Facebook install 20 million “Apps” every day
  9. YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month (as of February 2011)
  10. YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month (These YouTube stats don’t include videos viewed on phones and embedded in websites)
  11. Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month (326,294 years)
  12. Wikipedia hosts 17 million articles
  13. Wikipedia authors total over 91,000 contributors
  14. People upload 3,000 images to Flickr (the photo sharing social media site) every minute
  15. Flickr hosts over 5 billion images
  16. 190 million average  Tweets per day occur on Twitter (May 2011)
  17. Twitter is handling 1.6 billion queries per day
  18. Twitter is adding nearly 500,000 users a day
  19. Google+ has more than 25 million users
  20. Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook 852 days)


The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic
Source: The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic


How To Go Viral On YouTube: The 5 Untold HACKS Behind Getting Views.

As a business owner, Entertainment professional, non-profit or internet marketer, one of the most sought after marketing dreams is the creation of the viral video.

With over 4.2 billion YouTube views each day, the opportunity for exposure is inconceivable.  But don’t be fooled. But just because you put your video is on YouTube doesn’t mean it’ll capture the kind of attention you are hoping for. Especially without a plan and the right formula.

Do you know what does it take to accomplish the sought-after status of viral video?  Is this a phenomenon of chance, or can it be intentionally planned?

How to Achieve Viral Video Success:


Most people spend lots of time and money creating videos. So why rush through the most important part? Did you know GOOGLE owns YouTube?

Well they do. So what does GOOGLE look for within your video that will make your video found on all the Search Engines and Rank high in YouTube’s search Algorithm?

GOOGLE only crawls/searches the First TWO sentences of your videos DESCRIPTION. So whatever you put in the first TWO sentences will be what GOOGLE uses to RANK your videos.

I always recommend starting off with the main website you are wanting to drive the people watching you video to. Then place keywords and your video’s title in the description. Always add any social links as well.

*NOTE when adding links you must use the https:// and NOT just the www. If you DO NOT use the https:// GOOGLE will NOT recognize your link.



Figure out who also has to gain by your video going Viral.

When your video reaches the Millions, who are all the people and companies who will benefit besides you? In your YouTube description, fill it full of links to possible sponsors. Mention certain APPS (they are always looking for exposure), tag products, clothing lines, cars and even cities now have a strong social presence.

Contact them all and ask them to share the video. Some of them will be happy to share your video and some will not. But try them all! It will ONLY increase your chances for exposure.





Release on Monday or Tuesday

Hundreds of Millions of people watch YouTube videos when they’re at work. Release your video on Monday or Tuesday to give it the whole week to gain momentum. Weekends are speed bumps.

In my experience the best day to choose is Tuesday. Mainly because people are busy catching up with emails and Monday meetings. Anticipate the timing of you release and make sure there are NOT any major breaking news that day. Releasing on a slow news day will help you in the long run.

Be mindful of your holidays, as well. Don’t release you video when people are not at the office. Remember 3 day weekends turn a Tuesday into a Monday.




Understand and educate yourself on how things go viral on the internet.

EVERYONE sees videos on YouTube with millions and millions of views and always wonder — where did they all come from?

Find out where to post

First and most obvious, posted to Facebook, Twitter, etc. But the UNTOLD SECRET is to submit it to social news sites like Reddit and Global Video Sharing Communities.

Of all the social news site out there, Reddit pays off HUGE. My biggest advice is to following the advice in this article HERE.

Bloggers who see your video on Reddit will start publishing articles about it on sites like Kottke, Mashable, Jezebel, and Huffington Post.

You will quickly find that Blogs drive a ton of traffic to YouTube. Each blog is a giant marketing engine with millions of readers and twitter followers. It’s in their interest to get their articles up to as many views as possible, because each view FOR THEM is an ad they can serve up. You need to understand, for Bloggers, it’s all about clicks. Clicks = advertising dollars for them = more views for you.

The more bloggers send it out the more GOOGLE/YouTube’s algorithms will rank you video higher. If you want long term success on YouTube make friends with and learn about BOLGGING because their marketing power is ridiculous and are almost always behind every VIRAL VIDEO.




What to do once you go viral

People will criticize your video but this is good because it gets them talking about you. Don’t let all this get to you. Controversy is always good.

Viral videos generally have a short shelf life. You have the coveted “15 Minutes of Fame”, and your job is to open as many doors as possible in those 15 minutes. Create as many opportunities as you can. The week you release the video it’s very important responded to as many comments, emails and tweets as you possible can.

Make sure the media can get a hold of you, do not make it hard for them to find your email address. When media interview requests start coming in accept them ALL. National TV may contact you. Feed the media beast.

Be prepared with an email capture page and know where you want to direct your traffic. Link your blog, website, and Twitter from the video. Capturing emails is still the best way to get back in front of your audience.

Don’t spend your time and money creating videos then sit back and just hope for them to go viral. Have a plan.

Having this Knowledge with not help you or help make your video go viral. It’s ALL about APPLYING the knowledge and implementing it into your next video campaign!


Stay well and look out for more useful articles.